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  1. I recently installed Linux Mint 5 (Ubuntu 8.10) and bought a USB 2.0 wireless dongle (Realtek) that says right on the box that it's compatible with Linux. How do I get LM to use this thing to connect to my wireless router? Thanks.
  2. I installed Automatix2 because it seemed to have a lot of software Adept didn't have in Kubuntu 7.04. But the programs seems problematic. When I trying removing it with: "sudo aptitude remove automatix2", I get a "can't get a lock, are you root" answer. Anyone know how to remove this thing? Thanks.
  3. I downloaded the Java for Linux file and it's a .bin file. How would I install it? Please give me the commands with the following file name included: jre-6u3-linux-i586.bin Many thanks.
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