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  1. Bump for today. Anyone? Do help as trying to figure it out is getting on my nerves.
  2. Hi all I noticed that all replied answers to a topic has to be clicked to be viewed. How do I set it that all threads are displayed automatically? ash
  3. Hi everyone! My name is ashley and I am a linux noob! I started thinking real hard about changing from Windows after my recent virus attack. Then I heard that XP will be stopped by June. I do not know of the consequences, but surely hope that I would not have to switch to Vista. I considered moving to Apple, but just can't afford their laptops. Then I read about Linux and Ubuntu. Thing is, I am quiet confused with all this tech jargon. I do not want to be constantly fixing Ubuntu (aside from updating programs and adding some cool features) because frankly, I do not have the time. I hope to learn all there is to know so I can make an informed decision. My main PC is 5 years old 768 mb of RAM Pentium 2 processor 60GB hard disk space. Able to run XP with no problems. One question, does the Ubuntu software easily get infected with viruses and trojans/malware? Ashley frm Malaysia
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