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  1. User To This Form Get A Speical Deal! When Signing Up For A Shell Hosting, Put Linux-Loob As The Refer, And You Will Get An Extra Background Process Add To Your NEW Account. We Support Linux-Noob.com! http://www.ultimateshells.com | Hosting For The Masses! AnyWeb, If This Is Wrong, Please Advise
  2. Spammer? Allways Love to Help When I Can Maybe Some Linux Smiles
  3. My Personal Work Station Labtop "HackTop" Intel P-II 300Mhz 64MB Ram 10Gig HD Running NetBSD 1.6.2 My Personal PC AMD 64Bit 3400+ 1Gig Ram 200Gig's H/D CDRW/DVD RW/DL-RW Running Windows XP Home / FC2 / Windows XP Pro 64Bit Well, Their You Have It.
  4. Good Old Personal Ftp File Storage Server Intel Cel 600Mhz 368MB Ram 30Gigs H/D Running RedHat 9 My APC 1500 XS With The Extra Battery Pack "A Must!"
  5. And Another Shell Server. GForce Intel P4 HT 2.4Ghz 512MB Ram Dual 80Gig H/D's Running FreeBSD 5.2
  6. Next Up, Rage. My Little Shell Server Intel Cel. 2.4Ghz 512MB Ram 250Gig's H/D Running RedHat 9 And Keyboard And Mouse "When Needed"
  7. Lets Start Off With The Server Wall. Top Server, DNS AMD K6-2 450Mhz 368+/- Ram 10Gig HD Running RedHat 9 Linksys WirelessB Router, Linksys Hub, Cable Modem
  8. Were New Here And To The Shell World, Firgure We Would Say Hi And Invite Every Body To Come On Bye And Check Us Out. Later www.UltimateShells.com Hosting For The Masses!
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