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  1. So, dinking around with my system last night I go through the motions of trying to update things and it appears as if I'm good to go. Am I correct in assuming that there are various ways of going about the same things as far as updates are concerned or am I missing something here. I went through the process of apt-get update, and let that do it's thing. I also installed Synaptic and ran through its processes and grabbed a whole bunch more updates. Now I'm reading up on YUM.....Am I chasing my tail here or is this yet another updater that needs to be ran?
  2. Yeah, I can get on line. Its just at boot up it lags as its trying to acquire an IP for eth0. I guess since there are no DHCP servers to acquire from it bombs out, then it sends out its DSL request with the log on params and it acquires successfully. So its active in one sense and not in another. I wonder if I should report this to bugzilla? If I assign eth0 a static IP it fires up fine at boot but the DSL connection bombs and I have to manually activate it. Then at the point, both objects are activated even though they are truly one.
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    I will give that a shot. Thanks for the info.
  4. Also at boot up, it fails to start eth0...Hangs for a while trying to do so then fails at "Unabel to determine IP address". Would you recommend that I disable so Boot does't try to load it? If so where would that be? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello all, Well, I am fumbling through my new Fedora c2 setup (first time on Linux) and last night I managed to get on line with my DSL. I set up a new DSL connection, activated it and was good to go. Now this "new" connection appears under my eth0 object so logic dictates that I should have activated my eth0 to get on line but it wont activate. I launched a browser to try to generate an error to work up from by VIOLA! I was on line. But that still doesn't answer the question as to why eth0 wont activate. Am I interpreting "activation" out of context? I am likening it to having a NIC card
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    Thanks, will have a look.
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    Thanks for the reply, Are most management tasks taken care of through the command line? Is there a noob type reference on line to the most common CL commands and their switches?
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    Hi all, Just installed Fedora core2 last night on a 1.2ghz system w 256M of RAM Fresh install, had it format the hard drive. Since my intention is to learn Fedora at a network engineering level, I chose to install every thing. The boot up is a bit slower then I expected and launching programs takes a bit longer then expected as well. I guess the first thing I need to do is to optimize the system Looking for a "defrag" and a "services" and a "startup" and a "virtual memory" type area so I can get a better idea of whats running, how much resources it is using and how to
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