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  1. thanks, that seems to have worked
  2. This might no be the right place to ask this so I apologise if it isn't. My question is very probably a dumb qustion, but I don't know the answer. Okay here goes: What does this mean? I know it's a system email about updates, but at first it used to do the updates and the message would be different, now it doesn't do any of the updates at all and everyday the message is the same. [quote/etc/cron.daily/yum-updates: Loaded plugins: fastestmirror Determining fastest mirrors * base: mirror.sov.uk.goscomb.net * updates: mirror.sov.uk.goscomb.net * addons: mirror.sov.uk.goscomb.net * ex
  3. Does anybody know who I can set up SPR records? I've created a record and it says that I need to and I logged into the server as the root users via ssh and typed in /var/named (which my host told me to do) but all it said was I really need to add this because Microsoft is blocking emails from the site even though it's only an opt-in system Thanks
  4. I have a strange problem. I have a script that sends out emails and it used to work fine to all email addresses, but I recently moved the site to a dedicated server and now it won't send out emails to any Hotmail accounts. None of the Hotmail accounts have got spam filters on and they all used to get email from the site. All of the script is the same as I say the only difference is the site is now on a dedicated server. Both the old and new servers are RedHat Linux using php5. I went into the php.ini file and all I found for SMTP is: The send_mail() function is: <?php functi
  5. I don't know if it helps, but this is what I've done:
  6. Please can somebody help me. I'm trying to open ports 999, 1982 and 1983 but am not having much luck. I followed the post how to open ports and haven't been successful. I was told to make sure that your server TCP ports: 999, 1982, 1983 are fully open inbound and outbound and that destination IP address for those ports is I've been trying for ages to get these ports open, but haven't had any luck.
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