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  1. hi guys, im just starting linux (well, not JUST starting) and i want to get my wireless working. i went to linuxwireless.org but didnt see the name of my card on the list. but, when i download the windows driver from the net, use my usb to get it onto my computer and put the .inf and .sys files into /home/wireless (i havent set up a user account yet, so im root) , and i do ndiswrapper -i /home/wireless/<something>8180.inf, it gives me no output, but when i do ndiswrapper -l, it says: <something>8180 : invalid driver! The driver im trying to use worked on windows 2000, so i dont know why its invalid. my asante al1611 probably just isnt supported in linux (its a PCMCIA (or whatever its called) device), but, if theres a solution, thnx in advance.
  2. okay. i put the .inf and .sys files onto my usb, copied both of them to /home/wireless, (im doing this as root, i was intending to make my own user after getting the wireless working) did ndiswrapper -i /home/wireless/<something>8180.inf. gives me no output. then, i dont ndiswrapper -l, and it says: <something>8180.inf : invalid driver! i dont know what im doing wrong. i used the same driver to get card working on windows 2000. the .inf and .sys have different names, just to let u know. thnx in advance. sorry i didnt put this thread in the wireless section:)
  3. hi guys, i have have an intel inspiron 3800 with an asante al1611 wireless card. i want to get it working under arch linux, but according to linuxwireless.org and the asante web site, there is no linux driver for it, but i saw on osdir.com that some guy used the .inf file which came with the cd (http://osdir.com/ml/linux.drivers.ndiswrapper.general/2005-04/msg00016.html) using ndiswrapper 1.1 driver to get it working. i REALLY want to use arch instead of windows 2000. thnx in advance! but its most likely impossible to get it working without any driver for linux.
  4. Hi there, Before emerging GNOME, I had to add some USE flags they tell you to add in the handbook, but when i save /etc/make.conf and emerge gnome, it says something about circular dependencies, and that I can remove them by removing USE flags which trigger optional dependencies, so I removed the avahi USE flag, and emerge gnome worked, but there's a part where you have to /etc/init.d/avahi-somethingconfd start, and I have to rc-update it so it executes at boot-up but then bash says that its not a file or directory, and I know that because I didnt emerge it for avahi support, and I need it. Also, while gnome was being emerged, i accidentaly hit a button near the space bar, and at that time it was downloading something, and when i hit the space bar, the download just stopped (on 75%), and right on the second line, something else started downloading. Did portage just forget about the previous one, or did it start the same thing over again? What am I doing wrong?
  5. /usr/portage/profiles/linux/x86/2008.0/make.defaults has the default use flags like they said you would see in the handbook; I just realized that the handbook is a out of date. That sucks. In /etc/make.conf, I added USE="<use flags>" myself, it wasnt there before. Was I supposed to add it myself, or was it supposed to be there by default? The CGFLAG and CXXFLAG varibles have i686 in them, and the CHOST varible has i486 (in /etc/make.conf). They said not to change it unless ur using stage1 (which isnt supported anymore), but in the handbook they said that u could could change it for kernel compilation, but it doesnt matter cause nothings wrong with my system. P.S.: Typing -USE="<flag>"- on the command line doesnt report any error message, but nothing happens to /etc/make.conf... Thanks for your help!
  6. By the way, my USE flag problem is the USE flag problem or something title of how to's section of the forums.
  7. Hi all, I'm brand new to gentoo linux, and I'm now experiencing problems with USE flags. /etc/make.defaults has no USE flags. /usr/portage/profiles/base/make.defaults has stuff, but i added the USE flags myself (I forgot that they tell you in the handbook not to touch anything there, but I don't know what which make.defaults they're talking about); thing is, in the handbook they say something like to go to the make.defaults part of your profile, and there are two make.defaults locations I just put. I don't understand the (problem) profile thing (did I miss a section of the handbook?). Is it a symlink problem? In the handbook, they say that the profile your system listens to is pointed by the /etc/make.profile symlink, but there's nothing in there that has a path or anything relating to another directory. Also, all there is in /etc/make.conf is CHOST and CXX or something (plus the add and remove USE flags I put in). I'm just plain confused. I don't know what I'm doing wrong here, I'm a total noob. Thanks.
  8. Hello everybody, I just switched to gentoo linux after using windows for all my life (And having just a little bit of experience, but not much, with Debian and Ubuntu). A friend introduced me to gentoo; but he told me, and he's right, that I should figure out problems and all that myself googling problems and all that. He helped me learn things I didn't even have a clue about, and he gave me some helping hands throughout the installation. (At least I sort of figured out what was wrong with my wireless). But still, I'm a total noob, but I going to stick to linux because my friend convinced me to, and I want to continue. Right now I'm having a problem with USE flags; I don't know if I should discuss it here, but whatever. So, I hope I succeed in becoming a linux noob to a pro, because there are several cool things that linux can do, if you just know how to do it, that windows can't do. Thank you all, and I just hope I become like you guys one day!
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