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  1. it gives the list of packages, but the version isn't there. say for example, php. # yum update && yum search php current versions is - PHP 5.1.6 . I want to upgrade it to php5.2.x.. but before doing so, I want to see what's the exact version available before I will proceed with the upgrade.
  2. Hi, When doing an upgrade from yum, i just key-in "yum upgrade packagename". But what was installed is a different version, which I assume is the latest available for that package. Is there a way I can search or see what are the available versions of a certain package? just in case I want an upgrade to certain version, but not to the lastest one. Thanks.
  3. i see. there is actually. thanks mate!
  4. oh great, thanks. EDIT: seems like not working though, phpfinfo says - '--without-gd' even after restarting apache. installing it from yum seems ok, but phpinfo still says --without-gd
  5. Not from source, it comes from CentOS 5. any idea how can i add php-xml php-pear php-imap php-gd modules to the existing php5?
  6. i'm not sure if this is the answer to my question, but seems like not.. what i want is to add gd-library into my existing php5.. so how can i add gd-library only into my existing php5? thanks
  7. kirbychip

    installing Yum

    never mind.. got it. removed ElementTree.. installed a lower version of it.
  8. kirbychip

    installing Yum

    Hi, I just got a vps, running on CentOS 5. However, it's just on minimal install. Yum isn't even there. So I download a few .rpms on the net (by following an instructions online), install them.. Now when I run Yum it gives out an error message like below. I've been googling on this, yet no luck. Anyone here who knows what's the issue here and what's the fix for that? Thanks much.
  9. not really far from here. i'm from SG. i am really happy to know that this forum exist, i love the tutorial/howTos and stuff.
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