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  1. I really appreciate the fast response and I followed it and the link below and still same issue. Any more suggestions? http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.p...350#post1030350
  2. Ok so I am complete Noob to this (well not complete) and I have tried so hard to install VMware tools so my resolution will be better than 800x600. So far I have extracted the .tar.gz to a folder I like. I navigated to the .pl (perl) file I need to run to install the tools. It starts running and I follwed the instructions that the "Read_Me" file said to accept all default locations to install. So I did that and came up with a question that, asked me to find where the Kernel files with C something was, so I found THAT and typed the folder location as needed and got this error Linux_VMWa
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