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  1. I tried it all, and the message I got after it tried to install all the debs from the last command was: "Processing was halted because there were too many errors." Not sure what to do anymore. Would it help if I posted my sources.list?
  2. Okay, first I tried that and it seemed it installed the necessary packages for GIMP. http://paste.linux-noob.com/index.php?query=2683 Then I accidentally pasted what you can see there into the terminal window and it took me to a Debian config that allowed me to make my system clock right, lol! Looks like my blunders worked in my favour that time. It also told me about how broken packages can hinder future installations. There are a lot of them I imagine. *sighs* Linux, I tried. Oh, and what happened upon "apt-get install gimp", under the assumption that its dependencies were ret
  3. I did the update before trying Opera. Same problem. Terminal didn't recognise "import" either, I'm afraid. I discovered that Xebian has "X Window Snapshot", but unfortunately, whilst I believe I got snapshots, I couldn't locate them. Even if I could, I read they'd be raw data. Whoop-de-doo. Blurry camera phone image tomorrow then, perhaps. Why can't Linux be less frustrating?! Edit: Okay, with a lot of work figuring out how to get terminal copying/pasting working (a lot for a n00b anyway) I managed to create a log of it. Ignore the stuff at the end. I was n00bing around with search comm
  4. I am currently using Xebian, an Xbox distro that supposedly has full Debian support. I'm new to Linux but have followed the guides well. (Or so I hope.) I've tried to install new apps, but it has resulted in disaster. App A needs dependency B, dependency B needs dependencies C, D, E, F, G, H, i, J, etc. I was told I needed to update my sources file, and I did. I added some repositories I found on the web like Skype's - yet when I tried "apt-get install skype" (or Opera as I had the repository for that in there) I was again reminded of missing dependencies. What can I do? What have I done wrong
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