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  1. my nickname comes from when i first saw Predator, and Predator II. then i saw AvP. i just thought predator was a badass and wished i could be like them. i guess i was trying to make it like, i am a predatorian, like im an italian (for example, im not really italian). it kinda grew into a name cause people i played against in some games said it sounded "fierce" and i hunted like a predator in the games also. so in all essence, its a gamer name. sometimes ill throw a 3 on the end if in the unlucky case someone happened to have the same name as me. 3 is also a joke with my buddies cause we all a
  2. Hello, im going to throw in my 2 cents, im still a noob in linux but ive played around with a few different distros, and im currently learning all the administrative techniques of linux. my favorite distro is Debian, partially its the first i heard of, its got a large package base, large amounts of documentation that ive found, and its a very reliable and stable distribution. at first i was afraid of debian because it had a lot of options and i didnt know how to read the man pages and such, so i picked an easier distro that set the options out for me, like ubuntu. once i found out ubuntu
  3. could you point me to where you did the windowless terminals? is there a how to in the forum? thats pretty cool.
  4. hi, i was googling around, and found your post, helped me out to get nautilus running on flux, but i was unable to access the network with it. is there something else i need to install? i installed samba for gnome and it worked just fine, but im guessing it has to do with gnome to flux. thanks for any help guys/gals.
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