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  1. I'm 16. I've dropped out of school, I'm going to the rest of my high school online via Penn Foster. Ever since I was a little kid I have been a computer hog, and have engulfed knowledge whenever I could find it. I've played around with pretty much all the versions of BSD, to some extent. I guess it can be said that I know the basics of Unix. I'm working right now, saving up money for a new computer, and some modifications to my current boxes. Right now I'm working on putting a phenom quad core setup together for school. (disguised in a emachines case). I play America's Army a good bit. If anybody knows what that is, my sn on there is .Gucci.-0m3n-. I always get into complicated things first, so I'm going to start out with Gentoo. I enjoy challenges. I have played with linux a good bit to, but I don't understand it as well as I understand FreeBsd, although overall I am pretty much a complete newbie. I don't know what else to put.. Just hey. I'm 16, and from Mississippi. No car, but nice computers, lots of time will be on my hands. -m1n70r-
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