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  1. k, we are officially one giant leap closer. Yeah! I remembered that last night I was going through http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_setup_debian_etch_p3 which starts a Debian 4 install from scratch. And in Section 5 - page 3, right after installing openssh-server, he sets the machine ip from the default install dhcp assigned address to a static address, and sets the hostname. -------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: PuTTY now connects from my Vista box. Unfortunately, it says... "Network Error: Connection Refused" But Hey! Almost home. U
  2. ------------- RESOLVED ------------- Hi. I running on Debian 4, installed the openssh-server /w the blacklist & rssh & molly-guard using Synaptic Package Manager, but can't connect using PuTTY from my Vista box. Could somebody show me what I need to enable in the config files (see below) to get it to work? Thanx. The story so far... I've read the man pages, which seem pretty daunting at this point, and been trawling the net, where I've found lots of juicy tidbits, but nothing that walks me thru it line by line. It's not PuTTY cause I had it working last nite when I did a comman
  3. Well that was easy. Not being able to get Fedora 8 to work, I've opted for Debian 4. I know...Noobs!.... no brand loyalty. Sorry.
  4. Hi. So I'm doing an install on a box that's only got 128MB memory (which i know is below the recommended amount) Everything is fine until I reboot, at which point I am shuttled directly to the login prompt ...cause there ain't enough memory to run in graphics mode(?). Is there a way to finish the installation in textmode. Has anybody written a How-To if it's possible? I don't particularly need graphics mode cause its just a personal webserver project. I wanna do a xampp/eGroupware install. Doesnt matter how slow it is. And seeing as I miss having a commandline, I'd rather learn the te
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