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  1. this left me with an error about a binary file? I am toatally confused and am unsure of how to procede I really would like to run this computer without a cd in the drive!
  2. to be honest I never paid any attention. It very well could have been a custom job it was running windows 98 before the hd wipe of death!
  3. The problem is gone now but im still usure as to what happened
  4. There is a glaring bug on my profile page my age is listed as 8 years younger than I am! What is going on if its a joke great but I want to be in on the jokes thanks!
  5. I have berry linux, dsl, knoppix, and a coupple others but i don't think I have ubuntu.
  6. hackernoobish

    Hey Yall

    Hey Y'all I'm new to the whole linux thing. I got 5 disks with different versions of linux from a friend and decided to try it out knowing (in my limited knowledge that linux and mac rule over pc). However I wiped my pc with Autoclave hoping to install Linux as the sole OS(well all 5 versions as needed). Now I cant install linux what do I do!?
  7. will the last post work if you have wiped the drive and thusly cant mount it im still new to the whole linux thing and was trying to make it the only operating system on my computer but... well now i may not be able to and my windows install disks arent working!
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