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  1. I am using Windows as OS, here is a pic that u should see, about what i`m talking about. using a putty for login to the server, and from there to login to the rdp, there is no way i can see a display window. if I use linux as OS with a intergrafic display sure it will work. from a terminal from linux, as I use doesn`t work. this is why i`m asking if works or not. mabe I am too noob. whaiting for an answer, thanks.
  2. got the same problem, but the reali question is this: if i`m using putty to connect to my server, and of chourse i`m using the terminal ... i got the same problem [root@vs-1399 ~]# rdesktop Autoselected keyboard map en-us ERROR: Failed to open display: there is some way how to connec to the server without seeing the display? just to connect to the RDP and just make the commands like i`m on the Command Prompt?
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