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  1. Hi Dave! First of all thanks for the welcome! Well, regarding terminal server client i just noticed that, btw, is there another "gui" for rdesktop different to terminal server client? Ab out ORACLE, well, the IT ppl of many clients refuse to do the necessary network exceptions on firewall and servers to open the ports or get up the web based oracle "gui", so, after a while we quit asking them. Thanks for the SSH tip!! i'll practice it a lot Wow runs just fine on Ubuntu, i haven't tried yet on OpenSUSE 11. 1.- Never liked Red Hat, but thanks for the suggestion 2.- Right now i'm using Gnome, but i think i'll try KDE since for what i have seen OpenSUSE is more a KDE oriented distro, i think it is more polished, altugh i tell ya gnome it's not far behind in it, the out of the box look of gnome on OpenSUSE is very neat. 5.- Just installed VirtualBox an it runs very smooth, altough i have some issues sharing a folder Right now, OpenSUSE is working like a charm, i hope it keeps that way hehehe, so far i just tried everyday computing, just got SAP GUI installed, so, i will start to give him heavy use very soon once i finish setting up all connections. I really appreciate the time and effort you put on answering my post, thanks Dave.! BR's GD.
  2. Hi there David Yeah, it's a business / leisure PC, the fact that i didn't consider a commercial distro with support is that i live outside USA, more specific on chavez land u_u but that's another issue lol....and here, the only commercial distro is red hat and since the only distros they sell here in my country are enterprise server and advanced server i never had a serious thought about it, plus the whole idea was to know linux since i always wanted to learn it but never made the leap, and i consider that if i pay for support i won't care about learning. I've heard a lot about Debian, but actually never seen it. Does Debian support Virtual Box? i've heard with virtual box u can run windows xp or vista, i'm interested on this since i won't ever get used to OpenOffice and i plan using Office 2007. Thanks for the reply David Best Regards, Gokudan
  3. Hi, I'm a noob like you, but if you want an easy and quick to install distro that gives you a lot of stuff to use try Ubuntu or maybe Kubuntu, it really helped me a lot. Ubuntu It's relatively easy to use for us noobs, and helps you get the comfy if you have used windows for a loooong time, but as someone said, if you want to learn linux choose anything else. BR's Gokudan.
  4. Hi, here's my first post Altough i am a noob at linux, i've managed to install an use Ubuntu Edgy and Hardy Heron, there was a time i tried to install Gentoo but it was too much for me; right now i am using Unbutu 8.04 (Hardy) but i am one of the many that go unlucky and have a series of bugs that are related to that release, one of those issues are unstability on some apps and in general and since my personal pc is also my 'production' pc, i use it for work at the office or wherever i need to go to and also for fun, so is a dual purpose machine hehe. Due to many unstability issues i decide to try another distro that maybe would let me do my job smoothly and also would let me have some fun. Let me explain a little what i do and be very specific and maybe that way you could point me into the best distro for me, of course i just don't expect you to know if some apps work or not, but maybe i find someone who use them and could give me some testimony hehe: A ) As a BASIS consultant (SAP) my daily tasks are: - Connect trough SAP GUI to SAP R/3 servers. I currently use SAP PlatinGUI for JAVA (SAP GUI for JAVA). Works well with ubuntu. - Use SAP Download Manager. Works well with ubuntu. - Connect via Remote Desktop to give support and supervise Windows 200x servers activity, during this RDP sessions i may need to open command prompt window to run some ORACLE (or any other DB) admin activities that run specifically under that environment and do not have windows gui admin software. Also during this sessions may run ORACLE, SQL or any other DB windows based admin. software. Works with some bugs, like command prompt windows do not scroll automatically, i need to scroll the last bit manually or i won't be able to see the line to write a sentence, this is very annoying - Connect to unix/linux servers. right now i am dual booting with xp so i can use putty to do this, since i do not know what to use under linux to connect the same way. Any suggestions would be well received. Edit: - Connect to VPN's, mainly pptp. B ) Also while working or under normal leisure circunstances i: - Listen to music using Amarok. Very unstable right now with Ubuntu Hardy, sometimes sound dies and needs reboot. any suggestions would be good, i heard of some player called banshee or something like that on Suse. - Read / Write emails on thunderbird. - Browse the internet, mainly on Firefox or Opera. - View online videos and animations either they are on youtube, made with flash/dreamweaver, etc. - Use IM. Right now i use pidgin when i need to be connected to all my msn and gmail accounts; but i use aMSN when i just need to be connected with one msn account. Both of them very unstable on Ubuntu Hardy. - Write / Read documents, whter they are pdf (with or without acrobat), text, spreadsheets or presentations or slides. almost all of them on office 200x format. - Do some minor image editing, mainly screenshots of problems, cut some photos, maybe adding some text, nothing complicated. I use Gimp since it is light and versatile. Currently no problem under Ubuntu Hardy. C ) Leisure: - Play World of Warcraft trough Wine. The only thing that runs perfectly under Ubuntu Hardy lol. - Surely play Diablo III when it comes out!!. Based on that i need a distro that: 1.- Is Very stable under heavy workload while multitasking. 2.- Has a Desktop fully compatible with Sun Java Runtime Environment 1.4 and above (needed for SAP GUI for JAVA). I'm thinking on trying KDE since i already used Gnome with Ubuntu, but if the distro let me choose between them both it would be perfect. 3.- Has a good multimedia player like Amarok but stable. 4.- Presents a way to see animations and videos correctly (youtube, flash, dreamweaver, etc.) 5.- Has the capabilities to get some virtualization software, kinda like Virtual PC, i want to run XP (or maybe vista) with Office 2007 (i can't get used to Open Office sorry hehehehe) altough i do not care if it is a bit slower than usual. Please recommend any good software for this since i was not able to run Office 2007 with Wine. 6.- Let me run World of Warcraft under Wine. 7.- If i have to work my way trough and learn some or a lot of things i do not mind, but at least that could let me do most things 'out-of-the-box' or at least with little work. I really really appreciate all the help, every comment is welcome. Edit: Oops my bad, i never told you what pc i use: Dell XPS m1710 Core 2 Duo T7400 2.16Ghz. 2GB DDR2 667mhz Geforce 7900GS 256MB (not shared, they are dedicated) 1920 x 1200. 100GB 7200rpm HDD Intel 3945ABG wifi + bluetooh 5 in 1 media card reader Dual Layer DVD R/RW Best Regards, Gokudan.
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