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  1. Dear admin, i am using smoothwall aprox. last 8 months & that period I never feel any problem in it. but last few weeks I feel a problem frequently & that is the smoothwall stucks. & a problem I discover or u can say that the solution I adopt is change IP address of its RED interface & its working again properly. but my point of view its not a solution. Nowadays, in our country, we face lot of power failure problem. that why my smoothwall server abnormly shut down 10 to 12 times daily. but this practice also starts a long time ago & i never felt this problem. If u have any solution of this problem, kindly reply me. thanx in advance. ifykh
  2. Dear Admin, I want to know that can i make this script executable. I m totally new in linux. I choose smoothwall as a firewall & proxy for my LAN but I m not completely know about linux & its commands. The script u wrote is very helpful for me & hopefully others as well but kindly guide me that how can I make this script executable & set it with cron job. thanx ifykh
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