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  1. I have the same problem. After I did it worked good. Than today, it just crashes when it's going to load a java page. If I start firefox from command line(just as my regular user) it works, but not when I use a launcher it crashes.
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    It's xmms, but it's with a gdesklets thing. I think it's called corner xmms.
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    Here's my core3
  4. Hey, The first screenshot, what is the weather program at the top, and what is the on the right side?
  5. Well, the problem isn't really getting the files, since I know how to get them. I can use the program flphoto. The only thing about the program is, that I must run it in root, so it can mount my camera, when I hook it up to the USB. While the program was running I ran the command: mount -l To see what the program was using. Now the thing is, I want to make a launcher, to my flphoto, where I don't have to run it from a console in root. I either need to know how to make a launcher ask for root password, or how to let flphoto mount whatever it mounts under my user account. Any t
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