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  1. According to nVidia: ---> http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_nforce_1.23.html I need to use "hda_intel.c" for my sound card to work, But unfortunately, I have no Idea where to even begin doing this, any help/links would be greatly appreciated. My sound card is: Soundcard: nVidia Corporation Device 0774 (rev a1) I'm using: Debian Lenny AMD64 thanks!
  2. thanks hybrid I wasn't aware of that I did some searching and I found this: "Trolltech strongly modified Designer in its new release Qt4. Designer no longer includes a C++ editor and a project management." I saw a tutorial and it was an older version of qt designer, thats why i thought it was possible
  3. in VB .net you can double click a button and it opens the window where you can edit and add code,how do I do this in QT designer 4?? I am baffled
  4. hi I have a Damn Small Linux Box that I use in my car, its an Pentium 2 with 256MB ram and nothing but the Harddrive, Mobo and the built in soundcard/videocard I don't use a monitor and XMMS plays my music library on start-up, I control everything with a Keyboard I have 2 questions 1)is there a way to disable services so that DSL boots faster? I don't need it searching for ethernet devices on start-up and such it takes 1 min 37 seconds to boot (a lot of that time is the ancient bios loading and waiting 15 seconds for the grub to selct DSL) I have already disabled all POST stuff and di
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