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  1. ok, but i cant even get the sensor pakage to install. there are tons of different ones for RH9
  2. no Idea what the detect tool is, is it built in to red hat?
  3. ok I tryed to install lm sensors for redhat 9 via rpm. I tryed rpms made for Rh9 but nothing works. Is there a lm sensors kernel out there? I tryrf to install a kernel for it. but my OS froze up and I had to reboot. please help
  4. I have fedora/redhat. I installed Gkrellm, I tryed to run it form the Icon , and it will not work If I run it from the terminal I get the error-- gkrellm: relocation error: gkrellm: undefined symbol: gdk_threads_lock My friend said to update GTK to GTK2 using code- yum update gtk2 but it doesnt understand " yum" now do I go about updating GTK ( if thats the problem ) If not how do I get Kgrellm to work? thanks
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