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  1. personally i use EFTP. Really easy to setup accounts and all. hope this helps. edit : oops sorry didn't realise this was linux ftp >_< anyway that's a windows FTP prog
  2. ongky

    Athlon 2500+

    oh u guys are the best! i set my cpu freq to 166 MHz and it was running smooth as a baby's butt. no restarts watsoever. AND i get my 2500+ at 1.84Ghz. thanks a lot fellas
  3. so close! 593 i can't attach the image....
  4. ongky


    hi... anyone can recommend cheap and good hosts for a personal website? website will have scripting in pages and forums. been looking at supanames.co.uk and oneforone.co.uk but these are UK prices. anyone can recommend some good hosts from the US?
  5. ongky

    Athlon 2500+

    installed the latest chipset drivers... stil the same.. when i push up the speed, temp goes to 55-60.. then gets rather unstable. yeap i got e original fan that came wif the chip. just wondering about the bios... there is no know issue with my motherboard and everything works fine. don't wish to jeopardize anything, but how safe is updating the bios?
  6. hi.. i have been having this problem for some time, but i couldn't solve it. maybe i'll try my luck here. i have this athlon xp processor, supposed to be 2500+. i'm using ddr 333, 256mb ram. my mb is MSI kt4av, supports both. when i started out, it was set to athlon 1100. so i thought ok, maybe i have to change something. i went to the bios and found the only thing that i could do to affect the speed was the base frequency. default freq is 100MHz - this sets proc to 1100. i can get my desired 2500+ when i change the base freq to 180MHz. All is fine, but the computer will crash randomly
  7. ongky


    holy gwackamoly!
  8. ongky

    hi all~

    hello everybody~ though i don't really use linux, i do administer a site and forum wif windows iis. saw anyweb's message at my webbie askin me to join... well here i am seems that this forum isn't purely linux, so i could participate a little. btw happy new year everyone! ongky
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