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  1. No, Ritter, I'm afraid that even I cannot revive it. Not only is it dead, but it appears to be in an advanced state of decomposition. Pity, really. It looked like it had such great potential otherwise.
  2. Here is my current desktop. And here is my current desktop running Windows XP in VirtualBox: The best of both worlds!
  3. Mine is not too difficult to figure out. I've been posting to various forums around the Internet under this nick for almost 10 years now. I've often thought that someone should set up a service (much in the same way that Web domain names are registered) to register nicks.
  4. I switched to Linux to avoid Vista. Micro$oft has enough of my money already.
  5. I build my own. I like to have complete control over what I purchase.
  6. I'll stick with PCLinuxOS. I find the hardware support outstanding.
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