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  1. I just realized that I installed Fedora 10 i386 release but I would rather need/like the a64 version. Is there a possibility to change without re-installing everything. Sounds like a stupid question to me but if I don't ask i'll never know.
  2. I choose my nickname when I reistered in a support forum for the 1st time as it sounde (and still does) appropriate for me.
  3. Hi everybody. I'm 51 years young and as my favourite pass-time is web design. Logically i got curious enough about Linux because I want to learn how to work on my web server (dedicated fully managed so far) and recently started trying out all available Linux distros. I don't like Ubuntu and GNOME. I actually installed Mandriva on one machine on a PATA HD(dual boot with Windows7 Beta x64) and Fedora 10 on a SATA HD(Dual boot with Vista Ultimate x64). So far so good (got rid of GRUB 17 errors aso by formatting the whole HD). Install problems arise on my main machine which only has SATA HDs. MOBO: ASUS P5Q - Pro, Chipset: INTEL P45, Marvell driver. This Marvell driver has known issues with Linux installs. Xandros has released a workaround pre-install iso but I still cannot install the Trial version I got from Xandros. I addressed this problem to Xandros support this morning and probably will get an answer after the weekend. But I have the same problem with other installs on this rig like i.e. CentOS 5.2 or Mandriva. Error messages are incompatible Marvell driver or image not found. So if anyone has a good idea how to get a compatible driver and how to include (preceed) it in the installation that would help. I think it could help also if I had an application which can format NTFS into Ext3 or ReiserFS4. As to my general IT experience - only PC so far: I got my 1st PC in 1997/1998. AMD Athlon K6 1200 with 256 KB RAM. I have run all Windoze Versions from 3.1 to Windows7 (ME for 1 day only) and everything I know so far I learned by reading, watching try and fil and re-try. My nickname is self explaining LOLz Cheers and I hope this wasn't too much for an intro
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