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  1. ackies, a problem has struck. Before I got my NIC installed I had my sound card (Audigy 2Z) running fine. Since i've installed my NIC it doesn't work lol!!!!! Checked all connections so I'm thinking I might have to get the latest drivers for it for linux and maybe that'll work.... am hoping lol Dave
  2. guess i shouldnt tell you i'm gonna stick in another 512 then uh? lol. I'll be orderring my permenant linux box soon enough over the next few weeks hopefully :-)
  3. when i download a tar.gz (or rpm for example) I put it in a folder called downloads (as you do). One thing i'm unsure of in linux yet is, when i unzip the contents using the terminal and i get the folder then you go on to doing make or make load whatever. BUT, do you need to keep all the contents from that folder in that location, since you've 'made' it? Or does Linux copy this to a seperate area on one of the partitions? Just one of my noob questions thats all lol. Downloaded Firebird i can run it from the Mozzila-Firebird.bin but after i've created a launcher for it from the desktop i ge
  4. I've got Fedora Core 1 and it worked perfectly for me :-) Thanks for a great tutorial, worked an absolute treat....
  5. Heya, I'm now inside Fedora. I found a different driver hanging around on the net, comes in a folder named 41-Linux, I used one saying 46 Linux. So I followed the instructions as I was supposed to and i went back to my internet configuration box. Weh Hey, I saw it in the hardware section so I struggled a little but i got off my butt and went to add new connection and funnily enough the driver was there and waiting. Thanks for the help though, cuz If i didnt search for LSPCI in the help section i'd have been stuck, opened up a console and LSPCI and i read the description for my Ethernet car
  6. lspci? lsmod? Sorry, experienced windows user = linux noob lol
  7. I'm trying to get a 3Com Gigabot LOM (hardware name lol, funny name) on my Asus K8V Deluxe using Fedora Core 1. I pulled down the driver from the Asus site, the correct one that says "Linux" hehe lol. I followed the instructions which were getting the tar.gz out into a folder and then I did root@localhost: make load it went through huge list of doing stuff and then it asked me to to do an insmod 3c2000.o of which I did and the module already exists. And I doooont know what to do next because I cant see the device in the internet configuration lol even did an ifconfig eth0 up
  8. Dave


    Hey, I'm Dave (aliased as Quirix). Still running XP, got my IDE drive on order so I hope to be running a linux distro soon... Had Redhat 9 running when i had my old PC with IDE drives, but upgraded to SATA since then and i got confused and thought the console was very warped but when i install i look forward to learning linux :-) Aspiring to be a Linux user, rather than a buggy sneaky lying Microsoft system user lol
  9. Dave

    SATA with Linux

    Thanks for the replies, hopefully i've got an 80GB IDE heading my way, half for linux and half to back up my windows docs. Worth a try anyhoo's.... I got a fairly new board to support the 64 bit 3200+'s, and cuz i'm only running one SATA i left it in the VIA raid instead of the promise one. I'll probably get my IDE drive and do it that way. Just really wanna learn the basics of linux before i think about buying stuff to run it properly.
  10. Dave

    SATA with Linux

    Hey there, I'm a Windows User (No jokes please lol), I want to start learning Linux so I've got my distro of Redhat 9 OR Fedora Core 1 on hand to install. I've been using Windows for a few years so you can imagine how dumb and lazy I am. Soooo, I thought i'd learn some Linux and start putting it to some good use because its getting so popular. I'm just wanting to fiddle around with Linux (I've been in before) and get in abit deeper before I spent abit of money on a Linux box. HOWEVER, I came to install my Linux flavour on my drive. Trouble is, I'm running an Athlon 64 3200+ from an A
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