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  1. I know it has been a while, but here is what I have been trying (after downloading firefox-11.0.tar.bz2): bash firefox-11.0.tar.bz2 [root@localhost /]# bash /home/Bakshara/Download/firefox-11.0.tar.bz2 /opt /home/Bakshara/Download/firefox-11.0.tar.bz2: /home/Bakshara/Download/firefox-11.0.tar.bz2: cannot execute binary file [root@localhost /]# bash /home/Bakshara/Download/firefox-11.0.tar.bz2 /home/Bakshara/Download/firefox-11.0.tar.bz2: /home/Bakshara/Download/firefox-11.0.tar.bz2: cannot execute binary file bash mozilla-xremote-client [root@localhost /]# bash /home/Bakshara/Download/f
  2. I'm not sure this applies here, but: Multi-Boot Under /boot/grub I gedited menu.lst. The first time, at the end, I had, title "windoze severn" rootnoverify (sdb2,0) chainloader +1 On the muli-boot menu, when I tried to boot into windoze severn, I got this error, "rootnoverify (sdb2,0) Error 23: Error while parsing number Previous: rootnoverify (/dev/sdb2,0) chainloader +1 On the muli-boot menu, when I tried to boot into windoze severn, I got this error, "rootnoverify (/dev/sdb2,0) Error 23: Error while parsing number What do I need to do for this to work?
  3. I clicked on Applications, Wine, Wine Configuration. Here is the screen shot of it. /home/Bakshara/Pictures/WineConfigCut.png When I select Applewine.exe, for example, it sows “Windows XP” below. It is when I click on the “OK” button it closes. When I click or double-click on any item it highlights it. If I right-click it only highlights it.
  4. Is there a way that I can do, “wine /media/LinuxSwitch/Web\ Site/dlfiles/FantasyGrounds.exe” and specify what version of windoze? Bakshara
  5. Feedmebits, I think you should have first said, “Ease down young grasshopper!” Thank you for the advice you gave. I find it interesting that it does not keep that data in row across the top, but when I click on File, and then Site Manager... It is there that I click on Connect and it connects as saved. Bakshara
  6. Feedmebits, I got FileZilla installed. It is almost exactly like WS-FTP95. However it does not save/keep Host, User Name, Password, and Port. What do I need to have it save those? Bakshara
  7. Under windoze I was using WS-FPT95. I could try to make it work under Wine, but I would like to know about a Linux equivalent that works as well or better. Bakshara
  8. I copied this out of the About: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv:1.9b5) Gecko/2008043010 Fedora/3.0-0.60.beta5.fc9 Notice FireFox 3.0-0.60.beta5. Yes I am wanting to have FireFox insert the tab when I click on it. The version I have now places all new tabs at the very end. Bakshara
  9. Later versions of FireFox insert tabs instead of placing them at the very end.
  10. What is the best utility to transfer html files from my PC to my website. I am using Linux Fedora fc9, Core 2. Thanks in advance, Bakshara
  11. Here is what I did: cp -r /home/Bakshara/Download/firefox /opt (root) Dialog:Launcher Properties Type: Application Name: FireFox Command: /opt/firefox/firefox Comment: FireFox When I click on that icon it does not seem to do anything. Bakashara
  12. Everything worked all the way up to this: [root@localhost /]# cp /home/Bakshara/Download/firefox /opt cp: omitting directory `/home/Bakshara/Download/firefox' [root@localhost /]# Now what? Bakshara
  13. [bakshara@localhost ~]$ su - Password: [root@localhost ~]# cd /home/Bakshara/Download [root@localhost Download]# cp firefox /opt cp: omitting directory `firefox' [root@localhost Download]# cd /.. [root@localhost /]# cp firefox /opt cp: cannot stat `firefox': No such file or directory [root@localhost /]# cd /home/Bakshara/Download [root@localhost Download]# cp firefox /opt cp: omitting directory `firefox' [root@localhost /]# ls -l /home/Bakshara/Download/firefox total 31768 -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2149 2012-01-29 04:18 application.ini -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 11678 2012-01-29 04:18 b
  14. Dungeon-Dave, I'm a bit confused here - are you trying to run it as "Bakshara" or as "root"...? It seems that there's ownership permissions between the two accounts there. I tried this both ways. Feedmebits, I downloaded firefox-10.0.tar.bz2. For everyone, When I extracted it here is what I got: /home/Bakshara/Download/firefox application.ini jsloader libssl3.so blocklist.xml libfreebl3.chk libxpcom.so chrome libfreebl3.so libxul.so chrome.manifest libmozalloc.so mozilla-xremote-client components libmozsqlite3.so omni.ja crashreporter l
  15. Here is what I did: [bakshara@localhost ~]$ /home/Bakshara/Download/firefox/run-mozilla.sh run-mozilla.sh: Cannot execute . [bakshara@localhost ~]$ su - Password: [root@localhost ~]# /home/Bakshara/Download/firefox/run-mozilla.sh run-mozilla.sh: Cannot execute . [root@localhost ~]# cd /home/Bakshara/Download/firefox [root@localhost firefox]# ./run-mozilla.sh run-mozilla.sh: Cannot execute . [root@localhost firefox]# Bakshara
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