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  1. Actually the most problems I have had is my Hard Drives locking up cause of over heating. It seems the way Ubuntu Linux uses the Hard drives so much they easily over heat on me. Mostly does it when I multi task doing many things all at once. A simple fan over my Hard Drives solved that mostly. I had problems with dual booting tell I did that to. Have had very little problems now. Other then leaving my PC on for weeks without a fresh restart. Then Linux Ubuntu seems to bog down on me a little. But any OS will do that it seem. Still not at all bad as Windows does.
  2. Yeah I have to agree. I love Linux. Especially Ubuntu. Best and most intelligent thing I ever did in my life was go over to it. Wish I had much sooner. I been using Linux for about a year now. Bill Gates is the Rip off King of the century. Everybody flocks with him and windows. You are just a sheep waiting for a soon to be slaughtered and entering Windows Hell. Why stay and serve Bill in hell when you can rule in Heaven with Ubuntu. Even Microsoft is using Linux now cause it is safer. And they tried to rip us off with Vista. A version of Linux messed up just enough to call it windows. It wa
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