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  1. Alpha always seems to work better than release with Fedora. I've always preferred alpha!
  2. Just get my diskinfo script from http://www.thenerdshow.com/index.php?page=installation It lists partitions underneath physical drives, so I don't get confused about which is which. Like its predacessor df, it runs as a normal user. We don't need root. Run with -i for interactive. Here it is called diskinfo but to save typing I secretly rename my copy to dl. $ diskinfo -i Drive Size Description (Removables are highlighted in blue) /dev/fd0 Empty /dev/floppy-fd0 platform:floppy disk /dev/sda 37G ATA SAMSUNG SV4002H ├─/dev/sda1 102M mounted on /boot type ext3 ├─/dev/sda2 36G mounted on / type ext3 └─/dev/sda3 1G mounted on swap type swap /dev/sdb 114G ATA Maxtor 6Y120P0 └─/dev/sdb1 114G /dev/sr0 Empty /dev/dvdrw3 HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H55N
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