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  1. I have just installed Linux Mint 17 on a zoostorm pc but after booting up ok, the system operates for periods of half a minute to ten minutes, and then switches off and re-boots. Can anyone advise me as to how to fix this please? many thanks, G.Marriott
  2. Thanks - I've looked at the etho panel and connect automatically is ticked ok now and Firefox is back to normal. Cheers, GM
  3. Thanks. There was no network icon on the screen. I've re-installed the system so that firefox is ok again, but there's still no network icon on the screen display so I don't have access to the menu you were referring to. When the system installed it said it didn't load 'OAF11D:GNOME_IndicatorApplet' and 'OAF11D:GNOME_NotificationAreaApplet' and I elected to delete them. Would this be anything to do with it or not? Is there another way to get to the etho menu? Chers, GM
  4. The problem occurred because the internet electricity supply plug was removed when the computer was online. When the computer is subsequently switched on and Firefox activated, it just produces a blank page with the word 'Untitled' in the top left hand corner. It looks like a similar problem I had with Fedora 10, which would say the computer was offline when it was connected. This was fixed by going into Admin, double clicking the etho profile line and ticking the box that said 'Activate device when computer starts'. But in linux mint 9 I can't find this facility. The etho profile just says t
  5. On my new linux mint 9 system the accidental removal of a supply plug has caused firefox to become inoperable. This happened also on my Fedora 10 system, where it was fixable by going into admin and setting firefox to activate on startup. I can't find such an option on linux mint 9. Does anyone know how to fix this? Cheers, GM
  6. Thanks - I tried the fix but it was unsuccessful. I think I'll look for another webcam. Cheers, GM
  7. I have a creative Live! Cam Vista IM webcam which works ok in linux mint 9 Cheese but doesn't work in Skype. If I press the test option in Skype the whole screen goes blank and the the options screen reappears with no test picture on it. Is this fixable or do I need to get another webcam, and if so, which webcams will work in Skype with Linux Mint 9? Cheers, GM
  8. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I like the idea of setting up an area on the webserver although I don't think I'm knowledgeable enough to work out how to do it. I was hoping there might be some e-mailing package which would transfer larger mp3 files, as the upload and download of these files is straightforward enough on public music blog web-sites. Cheers, GM.
  9. e-mail attachments are unable to send out large files such as mp3 music files which are several megabytes - does anybody know of any software for Fedora 10 which can send mp3 files over the internet to another computer user? Cheers, GM
  10. Does anyone know of a linux(Fedora 10) package which can handle input of cd's and cassette tapes, provide editing facilities and convert recorded sound files to mp3 format? (Equivalent of basic Magix software for Windows) Cheers, GM
  11. gmrox

    sound of music

    To install realplayer I just googled Fedora linux real player - there were several alternatives given by different sites and I downloaded several of them until one actually worked. Unfortunately i didn't note which site and what the filename was - I think it was an i386 option with a tar ending, but I can't be sure. I'm not sure what 'trying a reboot' involves, other than switching the machine off and then on again. I don't know how to check alsamixer, but the sound features I have specify OSS rather than Alsa, so perhaps that affects the situation in some way.
  12. gmrox

    sound of music

    I have Fedora 10 installed with real player 11 as default music player but after some automatic system updates the real player doesn't function. Can anybody advise me as to how to get it working again? Cheers, GM
  13. Thanks. Running the test as root produces the same result with the same report. Cheers, GM
  14. Thanks -- running skype from the terminal and doing the picture test produces the same result (no picture), with the following report: Alsa lib pcm.c:2202:(snd_pcm_open_noupdate) Unknown PCM cards.pcm.hdmi (This line appears 6 times) Starting the process... skype xv:xv ports available: 32 skype xShm: xShm support enabled skype xv: Using xv port 57 Is this report useful? Cheers, GM
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