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  1. a few pictures of my desktop cube.sun virtualbox FEDORA 12 running in sun virtualbox desktop cube+FEDORA 12fedora 12DSL(damn small linux)ps.deleted nowfedora 12openSUSE
  2. this is my desktop cube with 3d windows
  3. skip the first step it is not important
  4. and if you wonder how to get compiz fusion then go to this linkcompiz fusion
  5. i cant use workpaces on cube effect in fedora 11 this is a screenshot of when i press workspaces on a cubethen i close the windowthen i start it again and then workspaces on a cube is not pressed how can i fix this?
  6. another screenshot of it but with random colours
  7. this is another cool effect where you can paint your desktop with flames
  8. this is my fedora 11 desktop with compiz fusion installed and cairo dock. this sceenshot is of an effect that takes all open windows and put them in a circle.
  9. this is the command "yum repolist"
  10. has not set their status

  11. the command did not work i dont know why? do you know couse it says import failed last.
  12. this is what happens when i did as you said. And yeok do you know why this happens? and im quite new to linux and i am totally new to forums.
  13. this is the dock i was talking about
  14. how do you get cairo dock for fedora 11? does anybody know then tell me.
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