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  1. amishjim

    Howdy! =)#

    Howdy Folks . I am amishjim. I got the nick while I worked in a sawmill in York County, Pennsyltucky. I worked around a bunch of Amish guys and ended up with this huge Amish-type beard, which is orange. So it was like this big orangish red afro on my chin and the Amish hated it. hehe. People would come to the mill to buy lumber and would be like.."Look at the redheaded Amish guy!" and the Amish hated that even more, so all the non-Amish started calling me amishjim, hehe. That was like 12 years ago and it has stuck since. I'm not in the mill anymore, I now do freelance work in the Film and Te
  2. --yea i'm using a crappy old 15 inch monitor I found on garbage night and a Hercules vid card, so I don't get many options with this box.. Can't get as many windows open either. yea it sux0r..hehe.. =)#
  3. Out with the old, in with the new, hehe. Well this was my Shrike desktop. I'm just learnin linux so I don't have all the cool apps you guys are playin with. I learned a lot just lookin at everyone else desktops heh. Thanks for the help anyweb ! =)#
  4. Call of Duty is great, I loved the single player missions, I want more!! Online play gets boring, Spawn Kill Die-Spawn Kill KIll Die-over & over, even with 3 or 4 differant types of gameplay it still gets boring. The graphics are great. But yet I play daily. hehe. It'll be better once the first patch comes out and there are more mods. Day of Defeat, a half life mod, is also pretty cool, plus it puts ,more emphasis on teamplay. tra la have fun.
  5. |L(O)|L i hate when i forget it's a screenie and try to click a link in irc, hehe
  6. According to www.fedora.redhat.com there is not a Fedora install guide yet available. I need to do a ftp install, or something that boots with a floppy, my burner died so I can't burn the iso's I d/l'd. Is there a Red Hat version install guide that would be close to Fedora? Thanks for any help. =)# **actually found some install info @ http://fedora.redhat.com/download/ **
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