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  1. Since 3 years i develop an Open Source end-user front-end for Postfix, Spamassassin and others filters in order to help newbies to fight spams and to manage correctly eMail server on Linux. During this work,i had improve this product by manage mailboxes, file server, OpenVPN,SQUID and others. Anyway, my subject is SPAM today... In several cases, Linux products are :stable, powerfull,have better performances, free of charge... more and more... But installing, managing and maintaining these products require some linux knowledge... People who start Linux do not have necessarily time and knowledge to quickly provide a complete security mail server for their company. Artica For Postfix is an Open Source product designed to reduce the cost in order to create and manage a full linux server. Especially the free existing Web consoles for postfix did not provide all the available features in a "sexy way". It is designed to administrate trough a web console all security plugins available and tested in large environments. You will find : milter-greylist amavis + spamassassin and Clamav + dspam All products features are switched to interface. The interface is coded in PHP+AJAX and is designed for multi-administrators and multi-domains. There are many statistics, graphs and charts helping tuning the mail process. A quarantine management is designed in order to help administrators and end-users to retrieve their quarantined mails. Without any others words, i invite you to see screenshots ( http://www.artica.fr/index.php/messaging) and visit the project website : www.artica.fr You can download it trough sourceforge too... Any comments are welcome here...
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