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  1. Unfortunately, I need a new hard drive to install linux, so I'll wait for a later release, however, I found a few screenies
  2. Test 2 is released guys! fedora-core/test/4.91/i386/iso/ Follow that direction on the mirrors, that should lead you to the images.
  3. Which component/device was it on? btw I think FC5 Test 2 will be released tomorrow (according to the schedule)
  4. Vista Beta 1 - Build 5112 Screenshots: HERE! Best Shown in either IE6 or 7
  5. You said it! Its kinda like the Sims 2 with the ++ and --
  6. With the latest version and an overclock i got it to work @ 1.28Ghz and I got Tiger now!
  7. I came to the conclusion that the gallery would be the best for me. But others might like the blog more because the may like to post their work there. Too confusing Its up to you anyweb.
  8. Sounds cool But... ...do we really need them both?
  9. Please tell me this. 1. Is Num Lock On? 2. What keyboard layout do you have?
  10. I waited till today to download because the mirrors were slow. Looks cool from what i've seen.
  11. WOW I gave up after It reached 3KB/s (10secs...) Looked Further... ftp://ftp.rhein-zeitung.de/mirrors/fedora...com/4/i386/iso/ I got 50KB/s
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