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  1. Thanks man, I'm kinda getting into this "he says" I still ain't got much to add! if you could see past how little I know about Linux and help like this I'm sure we'll have it all sorted out in no time. I'm am interested in building my own kernel and a new OS is only a format away! Only why do we do this apart from its new. I say my PCs online before it goes to the BIOS call and boots or are they all like this ? Put me right where I'm wrong. My question! will making my own kernel this side of the fence make the pc mine or will I forever be connected to an unknowing force from the
  2. robbin


    A guy and his wife go to the drs to talk about him not getting it up any more, the pills ain't working......so the dr says well we now do an opp its completely new where we attach a baby elephants trunk and make that work as your penis, so the old boy reluctantly gets his old man sorted and he gets it done but they are told they have got to wait until its all better, well they were going to a family function some time later but still under orders! In the mean time at the do his wife cant hold back and gets it out under the table.......and about that time they then come round with their
  3. Thanks man I'm goner do it now and I mean thanks, later
  4. Linux isn't a hacker's tool any more than Windows is. Linux is an Operating System, which means it can be used for any purpose. If you upload a copy of your bashrc I will look at it and tell you what the problem is. Thanks for the reply, being Very new to this I know Very little about Linux and I learn as I go, so, gedit .bashrc then this is the file mate. # ~/.bashrc: executed by bash(1) for non-login shells. # see /usr/share/doc/bash/examples/startup-files (in the package bash-doc) # for examples # If not running interactively, don't do anything [ -z "$PS1" ] &&
  5. robbin

    Local jokes

    This is an old joke for me and after reading loads of yours I figured it was time for one of mine! At school the kids are asked to use the word contagious in a sentence... so who can tell me the teacher asks The first kid says I had chicken spots and I had to stay away from others because it was contagious. very good the teacher replied The second kid said my mom's a nurse and she said there were people at the hospital who have to be in separate rooms sometimes because the are contagious. that's great the teacher replies The third child to answer said painting a fe
  6. Hi again, I updated Ubuntu Ibex to Jaunty that's all good now but my terminal now has two lines above the, user@ubuntu:~$ I have not seen this at any other time, then again I know little about Linux apart from its called the hackers tool? and it runs the internet, right? my terminal after opening bash: /home/user/.bashrc: line 102: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `"' bash: /home/user/.bashrc: line 103: syntax error: unexpected end of file user@ubuntu:~$ any advice on what to do, thanks robbin itall
  7. Hi there, I wonder if someone could say why this has happened, I have updated Ubuntu Ibex to the Ubuntu Jaunty version via the update manager only the kernel says its still Ubuntu 8.10, kernel 2.6.27-14-generic, can I change this and how would l do that, feel like I read my eyes out! now I'm near to Boot and Nuke....thought I'd ask first. Also when I start the terminal after the new install I get these two lines first. bash: /home/china/.bashrc: line 102: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `"' bash: /home/china/.bashrc: line 103: syntax error: unexpected end of file robbins
  8. Hi there, thanks in advance.
  9. robbin

    Hello from Nycatle

    Thanks dude......Cheat Sheet loved it man, now for the how to do every thing and more sheet if you'd be so kind
  10. robbin

    Hello from Nycatle

    Thanks for all that but like I said to anyweb I need to learn more first I feel any free driving lessons You have a lot of information only I cant find alot on hardware (DVDs and SYSLINK how to's for Daftys sorry Noobies) as to windows this is the best and free. I only learnt about the PC in later life really, had my fill of whats on it ;-) scared my eyes. Anyway I always felt Windows was.....and found out how to rid my PC of it only it don't go away! So now I'm pottering on with this install. I would like to understand /sbin and so much more. Thanks mate.
  11. robbin

    9 months later

    like it clean to don't know many like that
  12. robbin

    hi i'm anyweb

    Hi all and anyweb, finding my way around now and thanks again mate, my second post!
  13. Hi to you all, I'm new to this so be gentle with me! I'm not that PC literate so I hope to learn as I go and you may see my asks a bit daft at times doh. I explained this to anyweb (top man) being a Mechanic I can only see the PC as a whole "like an engine" so like I said my questions may sound odd. Then what's it all about? how do these engines work can you make one big script to do it all and if so how? This OS is Ubuntu Ibex and I must say it is mint for a noob, easy to install and it kicks Windows butt Any pointers would be gratefully accepted and constructive criticism welcome.
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