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  1. After reinstalling and chosing to install lilo to MBR manually, i don't get the Error: 2 anymore. The only problem now is that ive got a black screen without prompt or anything for 1 - 2 minutes before i get to lilo screen, but i can still boot up linux so just a minor inconvenience really. Thanks a lot for the answer
  2. Something went bad in the installation and several functions are missing, using another iso i will reinstall. Edit: Ok, so now i've reinstalled, properly and i am at the exact same problem.
  3. Hi, i just finished installing slackware 13 and this is the first time i'm using linux. When the setup was finished and i removed the slack-cd and rebooted, i get this message: GRUB Loading stage1.5. GRUB loading, please wait... Error 2 From what i've learned this Error 2: "Selected disk doesn't exist" This error is returned if the device part of a device- or full filename refers to a disk or BIOS device that is not present or not recognized by the BIOS in the system. This sort of makes sense since during installation i could not use cfdisk to partition; using cfdisk
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