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  1. I recently bought a new SATA hdd and have it connected to my fedora 12 box. Since its a raw disk i have no clue of how to use it. It doesn't get mounted on start up and i don't know how to mount it. Can someone guide me how to do following things. 1. Format it to ntfs 2. mount it. Also I don't have any windows on my box. Any help please....
  2. Can you integrate status updates with twitter??
  3. So how do I get email for myself? I have tried to get one by my name always and it hadn't happened till now:P
  4. Thanx... but do I need to use the suse Live cd or anyone will do?? also do i need the similar version of grub???
  5. Someone installed WindowsXP on my Lab Terminal, it had a copy of Suse 11.1 previously installed now its not showing as the boot loader is gone or may be the partitions is not marked active anymore. I don't know what happened for sure because the drives on which Suse was installed is still present and I wasn't the one who installed Suse previously, so I have no knowledge of how was the grub loader stored. Please recommend suggestions on how to get into Suse without formatting it. I don't want to loose windows either.
  6. I am using internet through USB-Wifi device(Netgear), I wanted to know whether I can connect to internet on Windows if I try accessing the device through USB ports. Is there need to configure the USB devices in order to access them on Windows??
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