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Status Updates posted by inittux

  1. Trying to blow some life into the community

    1. anyweb


      keep trying, one day i will re-focus on this site, let me know if you have any good ideas.

  2. Spring is on the way :)

  3. Studying for Linux training and exam :)

  4. playing with squid and blacklists

  5. Looking forward to the summer :)

  6. working on a new backup setup

  7. Go to love symbolic links xD

  8. Linux is so fun to work with :)

  9. real work and learning starts again

  10. Debian desktop runs so smooth and fast.

  11. Reading and trying to understand Apache options and directives

  12. Running on LM13 LTS now

  13. Working on setting up a UT3 server

  14. Nothing is impossible with enough will :)

  15. enjoying my vacation in the US

  16. It's amazing how much faster LMDE is than linux mint(ubuntu based)

  17. wow disk encryption amazes me how usefully it is in your system setup :)

  18. Updated my raid extend plan: Added disks to md0, md0 is now rebuilding. Hopefully build will be successfull and I'll have more disks space for home

  19. updating SL6.2 kernel :)

  20. Proxy server up and running. My plan worked, just had one thing that I did differently and adjusted my plan. I may need to do some plan editing on all of my plans..

  21. Researching for information on my proxy/filter plan

  22. Still learning to look at Linux as a project rather than just something to quickly do. Without planning your project you are destined to fail :P

    1. Dungeon-Dave


      Wise words, indeed. Much you learn, young administrator!

    2. inittux


      Thanks mate :) I still got a lot to learn though, but my excitement for Linux hasn't changed :)

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