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  1. Never knew setting up an ftp server is that easy and now I can backup and access my data from anywhere in the world :)

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    2. hybrid


      Was about to have a security panic with 'FTP' and 'access my data from anywhere', but then I read your thread that you had set it up with SSL. Panic over! :P

    3. inittux


      I think I actually overlooked something so don't have it setup fully on ssl. I use https://feedmebits.nl to connect to and I use sftp/ssh in my ftp client to connect. But wouldn't I need a seperate certificate? ah I think not right? cuz I remember dave saying, ssl is setup on ip. so if I have https://feedmebits.nl setup as ssl that would also go for my ftp? right?

    4. inittux
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