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  1. Almost half way through the week :)

  2. Almost have way through the week :)

  3. Apologies that I've been kind of inactief lately. The winter has kind of been getting to me and I haven't had as much energy lately.

    1. Dungeon-Dave


      It can take it out of you. Try a stroll out into the daylight - sometimes that perks you up a bit.

    2. inittux


      Actually good idea for the weekends. During the week I don't have much of a choice.

  4. back to Debian as my main OS

  5. Back to my trusted old Debian Desktop sytem :)

  6. Being a moderator is fun :) I've already caugh quite a few....fish.....I meant spammers :P

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    2. Dungeon-Dave


      looking into that now...

    3. inittux


      Got an idea though. Can't you make it that new members statusses have to get approved by a mod or that you can't update your status until you have at least 10 posts? Most spammers don't post more then 3 times. And usually before They are caught before being able to make a second post.

    4. Dungeon-Dave


      Something is being considered. Stand by!

  7. Converted my server from CentOS6 to SL6

  8. Debian desktop runs so smooth and fast.

  9. Decided to stick to Mint anways

  10. Desktop running again on Debian now :)

  11. enjoying my vacation in the US

  12. Enjoying the weekend and deciding what to work on this weekend :P Cheers *Raises Glass*

  13. Finally got everything working again :) But I learned something I'll never forget today :)

  14. Giving CentOS 6 one more try as desktop

  15. Giving CentOS 6 one my try as desktop

  16. Go to love symbolic links xD

  17. Going to play with Wordpress this evening

  18. Going to try out LMDE for Desktop :)

  19. Going to try to bring some life into the forums

  20. Got another service installed/configured/running on my server. Now up to the next one

    1. Dungeon-Dave


      Plans make perfection...

  21. Got my new pc up and running

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