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  1. But now that I'm thinking of it, I'm interesting hearing about container platforms and cloud platforms under Linux, and anything

    that is has to do with Linux where the IT world is going to cloud and container based solutions and automation and configuration

    management etc. And also Ubuntu/Debian, and CentOS/RHEL, and Linux security etc. And reading some about power shell under

    Linux would be nice too, and  am interested in bash shell scripting and python scripting, does that help? ;):)

  2. Hey anyweb,

    This is feedmebits here, new looks of the forums look nice!  I'm willing to help out when I can and when I have time.

    Not sure yet what I would like to read, I  mostly like reading topics where people have a question, problem or need advice,

    and like to learn stuff from others as well :)

    I usually get my news sources from other sites, what are you ideas to starting over? btw I sent an email  to your hotmail acount

    did you ever receive it, chances are it might have arrived in your spam folder.



  3. It was on efnet channel #linux-noob.there are only bots idle there. Will check this IRC out. Cheers.

    Only two people that were on there were hybrid and Dungeon-Dave, but hybrid hasn't been on in a long time, but there are some other nice people there just usually not about Linux.

  4. Ahh I get it now cheers, RHEL8 will be using resources from Fedora 27, I saw it on article somewhere. by any change has any of yous moved to IRC server or it died?


    Cheers mate

    The only irc channel I know that some people from here were on is on irc.foreverchat #linux, but they rarely talk about linux there. What server and channel was it on before?

  5. you mean CentOS7 will become RHEL in the next version? but RHEL is not free distro? 

    No I meant, I'm still running CentOS7(based on RHEL7), dnf wil probably be in the next RHEL version, so als on the next CentOS version ;)

  6. Try opening the terminal and run the following command

    rpm -qa | grep cmake

    Copy the list you get here. What I'm guessing is you probably only installed cmake and not cmake gui.


    cmake.x86_64 : Cross-platform make system
    cmake-gui.x86_64 : Qt GUI for cmake

    try install cmake-gui


    as root

    yum install cmake-gui

  7. If you downloaded the source code and tried to  configure make make install and got the error that command is not found you probably haven't not install the development tools . You can install them by using the following command:

    yum group install "Development Tools"

    But installing rar from the repos is better practice since you don't have to manually rebuild the package again each time a new version is out. When the repo has an update version you can just use

    yum update rar

    or during a full system update

    yum update

    Don't forget to do it as root.


    Thanks for this :- I tried downloading unrar from the rarlabs website and found that when i tried to run either makefile or unrar i got told command not found, even though I was in the correct directory using Konsole and root. As soon as I followed your guide using yum to install I had no more problems, on Fedora core 19 Schroedingers cat. I still do not understand why the command was not found even though I was in the correct directory. Does the makefile command have to be installed before the system "finds" it? And what command would install it if so?

  8. Yes this is possible with linux, what do you want to use authentication for, you mean like having users kept in  central place. LDAP could be used for this. That would cover your Authentication and user management.  Limiting access to files is also possible by putting users in groups or bij using ACLs together with either NFS or Samba, and with samba you can configure using network printers with cups.  Does that answer your question?



    I have been a windows user for many years. I even have a windows server in my house. I have even dabbled in linux also. What I have been trying to do is switch from windows to linux completely. Meaning no windows at all. I am looking to create a linux server that will offer the same functionality of a windows server but without the windows. I want to use this server for authentication, file & print services. Using only the linux components and I don't want to use samba! I will use what ever management tools there are in linux console, graphical that can be used to manage the server.


    I just want away from windows and microsoft!!!


    The goals are


    1. Authentication

    2. user management

    3. limiting access to files and directories

    4. sharing printers on the network.


    Can this be done by linux or should I just stick with windows?


    My distro of choice is Oracle linux but can use centos if I have to.

  9. Did you try to install flash manually? Cuz the opt directory usually  is a place where you install other software that is not really standard. With my experience with Mint, flash should be automatically be installed by default during the installation process. If two versions of flash are installed they might be in the way of each other.

  10. Hello EasyE209,


    And welcome to the forums. Sorry for the late reply, but the forums aren't that active. With most distros most of the drivers work out of the box, the "Additional Drivers" option you are talking about should be in the menu somewhere. If can't find it under: system tools or preferences try looking under "All".  When it comes to sound drivers most of them should work out of the box also, but you may have to configure/set what sound card you would want to use, I think under mint there should be sound options under "preferences" and then sound and play around with it there. What els are you having problems with?



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