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Status Updates posted by inittux

  1. Got my new pc up and running

  2. Running CentOS 6 on my Desktop now :)

  3. having a glass of wine and enjoying the evening

  4. Linux Learning = more doing is more learning and understanding :)

  5. I hate it that I always have fights with cpu coolers

  6. Going to try out LMDE for Desktop :)

  7. Back to my trusted old Debian Desktop sytem :)

  8. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr reinstalled my webserver and now I'm stuck on something small again and I'm probably overlooking the problem :(

  9. Finally got everything working again :) But I learned something I'll never forget today :)

  10. Mondays................

  11. Desktop running again on Debian now :)

  12. Giving CentOS 6 one my try as desktop

  13. Giving CentOS 6 one more try as desktop

  14. Having trouble getting my Nvidia GTX570 to work in squeeze. Going to try using http://smxi.org/ this evening

  15. Running on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS now :)

  16. Had a great weekend :) How was yours?

  17. Almost have way through the week :)

  18. Almost half way through the week :)

  19. having a go out Scientific Linux

  20. Linux fun never ends, running on Scientific Linux now :)

  21. working on logwatch and fail2ban

  22. What's it going to be?SL or CentOS for my server?

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