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Status Updates posted by inittux

  1. The more I work/play/experiment with Linux the more of a geek I become....addiction LOL

  2. Sorry I haven't been posting much news lately. I kind of find it hard to find something good/interesting every week. Will do my best to post something more often.

  3. reading up about iptables: man iptables

  4. Enjoying the weekend and deciding what to work on this weekend :P Cheers *Raises Glass*

  5. Relaxing and being lazy :)

  6. Converted my server from CentOS6 to SL6

  7. WoW it's been quiet here again :(

  8. Grrrrrrrrrrr virtual networking

  9. When today is over I have weekend :)

  10. Waiting for my RHEL Desktop Order :)

  11. My RHEL Desktop subscription has been activated :) Installing Redhat Destop Workstation this evening :D

  12. Still go so much to do/learn.....vsftpd virtualusers, fail2ban jails/filters, mod_security.. making/testing a backup plan(besides documenting)...Then after that I'll start my next big project :)

  13. This year has already gotten a good start :)

  14. Working on my fileserver

  15. Netbook running on Mint now :)

  16. Hope to see more activity on linux-noob this year

  17. More Apache today : )

  18. Looking for the desktop distro that fits me best

  19. Mint 9 Installed :) Running into a few things but working on looking for a solution

  20. New server up and running :)

  21. Webserver plan: backup/restore plan, check mod_security, work on fail2ban and log rotate configuration

  22. Learning about different ways to backup and restore this weekend

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