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Status Updates posted by inittux

  1. The more I work/play/experiment with Linux the more of a geek I become....addiction LOL

  2. I really appreciate this forum and it makes me want to learn more. You guys are awesome!! :)

    1. hybrid


      Thanks! Your contributions here are extremely valued.

    2. inittux
  3. What's it going to be?SL or CentOS for my server?

  4. Linux fun never ends, running on Scientific Linux now :)

  5. having a go out Scientific Linux

  6. Almost half way through the week :)

  7. Almost have way through the week :)

  8. Had a great weekend :) How was yours?

  9. Running on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS now :)

  10. Having trouble getting my Nvidia GTX570 to work in squeeze. Going to try using http://smxi.org/ this evening

  11. Giving CentOS 6 one more try as desktop

  12. Giving CentOS 6 one my try as desktop

  13. Desktop running again on Debian now :)

  14. Mondays................

  15. Thinking of maybe cancelling my BF3 pre-order and not game at all anymore cuz it distracts me from learning

    1. Dungeon-Dave


      There are quite a number of games freely included with most distros - feel free to use those for a welcome distraction!

    2. inittux


      Yeah I know :) but I'm actually still dualbooting cuz bc2 and bf3 only run under windows. Just thinking of maybe quitting with gaming. And just play simple games every now and then under linux to relax when needing a break from learning.

  16. Finally got everything working again :) But I learned something I'll never forget today :)

  17. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr reinstalled my webserver and now I'm stuck on something small again and I'm probably overlooking the problem :(

  18. Back to my trusted old Debian Desktop sytem :)

  19. Going to try out LMDE for Desktop :)

  20. I hate it that I always have fights with cpu coolers

  21. Linux Learning = more doing is more learning and understanding :)

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