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Status Updates posted by inittux

  1. I would say it but I'm not gonna say or else I might jinx it :P

  2. Kind of confused...

  3. Installing my home server

  4. Setting up my server on RAID1 and have my GBswitch installed. This is what geeks call fun :)

  5. Had some trouble with RAID and understanding raid, but thanks to DD I understand how it works now :)

  6. My fail of the day: I added myself to a second group and forgot the -a option so it replaced my wheel group and now I'm locked out of admin rights. Will have to do a root restore password this evening

  7. Sorry all that it's been kind of quiet in the news section lately. I've been too busy having fun with my server project lately. I'll try to make time for it this week.

  8. Decided to stick to Mint anways

  9. Thinking of changing my desktop to a different distro

  10. Going to play with Wordpress this evening

  11. Wrote out my plan to add disks to my RAID1 Array and to extend my LV home partition

  12. Researching for information on my proxy/filter plan

  13. Proxy server up and running. My plan worked, just had one thing that I did differently and adjusted my plan. I may need to do some plan editing on all of my plans..

  14. updating SL6.2 kernel :)

  15. Updated my raid extend plan: Added disks to md0, md0 is now rebuilding. Hopefully build will be successfull and I'll have more disks space for home

  16. wow disk encryption amazes me how usefully it is in your system setup :)

  17. Running on LM13 LTS now

  18. It's amazing how much faster LMDE is than linux mint(ubuntu based)

  19. Nothing is impossible with enough will :)

  20. Working on setting up a UT3 server

  21. enjoying my vacation in the US

  22. Reading and trying to understand Apache options and directives

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