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  1. Thanks guys for the help. Yes it appears that the net-tools package is the same here in Debian. I've tried the dpkg-reconfigure command and the apt-get install. dpkg-reconfigure doesn't seem to fix the problem and apt-get install doesn't allow it to occur as it says I have the newest version of net-tools so it wouldn't re-install it. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Hello everyone, Firstly let me say that I've tried su - and /sbin/ifconfig it's not there. For some reason I seem to have "lost" it or something because ever since I installed the distro a while back it hasn't been there. I'm running Debian. I do have iwconfig, which for most of my needs works but I'm trying to get the loopback (lo) interface running but without ifconfig that's kind of difficult I do have commands for ifup and ifdown but they don't work because (I'm assuming from reading error outputs) that they call on ifconfig. If someone could help me out on how to fix/get i
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