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  1. I guess that I forgot to mention that this is FC3 and I am pretty new with this vsftpd program I had it working I was able to ftp in and was working fine and no changes to vsftpd.conf were made went to transfer some files and nothing... when I got that error...
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    HI All, I getting the following error when I am checking the status of vsftpd Service. vsftpd dead but subsys locked. It was working and it just went dead anyone have any similar problems ? I am not sure where to go next.... thanks...
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    Well, I have a problem I am using Fedora 3 and I cannot get a ftp connection is there anyone out there that has any real luck with vsftp.
  4. Man that does not look bad to me but I see that it claims to have 8 mb downstream if that is the case then that stinks... I only wish I could get 8 mb down
  5. Just head down to the store and get some ! They are the most expensive .....
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