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  1. For dmesg, it said it only saw the one that's running, and fdisk -l didn't work at all. I think it's crashed, because when I restart the computer and tell it to boot Windows, it either says "Operating System not found" or just stays black with a single cursor and doesn't let me type anything.
  2. I've looked in the places menu, but there's only the usual (filesystem, music, documents, etc.). There's no other drives there.
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    Hi everybody...I'm Nomura! New to linux-noob, but only a semi-noob when it comes down to it... I'm 17, started using Ubuntu in 2006, because I heard it was a good learning environment for wanna-be programmers. Currently learning Python and Logo, and working with Macs in the IT department at my school! Joined the forum because it seemed like a good place to work with other linux users and learn some new things! Nomura
  4. In my computer, I added a second hard drive to install Ubuntu on, so I had one with that and one with Windows XP on it. I want to be able to access files on the Windows drive from Linux, but all the tips I got from other threads and people haven't worked. As far as I can tell, Linux doesn't recognize that there's another drive at all. Any ideas?
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