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  1. A couple of quick commands to try:


    "dmesg" = diagnostic messages. You may get a load of stuff flying up the screen, so best pipe it through "more" (dmesg | more). Don't try to make a great deal of sense of everything there, but there should be some info about what hardware is detected... hopefully, you'll see the disk there.


    "fdisk -l" = list partitions that Linux can see (yah, that's minus-ell, not a one!). If that one *does* work then you should see partitions on the second disk as /dev/sdb1, /dev/sdb2 etc...


    If that second bit works, post the output here and I (or someone else) can post commands used to mount the disk.


    Other point: does the BIOS see the disk first? If not, you may have two master devices on the same bus (for PATA stuff)


    For dmesg, it said it only saw the one that's running, and fdisk -l didn't work at all. I think it's crashed, because when I restart the computer and tell it to boot Windows, it either says "Operating System not found" or just stays black with a single cursor and doesn't let me type anything.

  2. Hi everybody...I'm Nomura! New to linux-noob, but only a semi-noob when it comes down to it...:P I'm 17, started using Ubuntu in 2006, because I heard it was a good learning environment for wanna-be programmers. Currently learning Python and Logo, and working with Macs in the IT department at my school! Joined the forum because it seemed like a good place to work with other linux users and learn some new things! :D



  3. In my computer, I added a second hard drive to install Ubuntu on, so I had one with that and one with Windows XP on it. I want to be able to access files on the Windows drive from Linux, but all the tips I got from other threads and people haven't worked. As far as I can tell, Linux doesn't recognize that there's another drive at all. Any ideas?

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