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  1. I can access the network settings via systems>preferences>networks settings. but what is wrong
  2. I messed up the default settings of the wired network connection. I connect to the internet using dsl modem using pppoe. Modem is kept as access point. all i had to do is just plug in the cable. But i messed up the default settings by trying to provide manual ip. now i cannot connect to the modem/internet using my nic card (wired) whereas i can connect to the internet using wireless via same modem. plz tell me how can i configure network settings to connect it automatically via wired connection.
  3. I am quite new to ubuntu, and i am using ubuntu 10.04. My ISP provides me a cable (Lan) to connecto to the net, In windows i just used to dial over a connection and provide my username and password. How can i dial a connection in ubuntu. Dialing takes place over lan cable (Not telephone line). plz help and i dont use any kind of router or modem, the line comes directly from ISP's pole.
  4. one more recent discovery i used an external wifi adapter (borrowed frm my friend) and now everything works fine. so is the driver at fault here for my internal card (intel 3945abg). dhcp also supported
  5. i reinstalled ubuntu and it worked fine but when i restarted my pc the same problem presists. the network manager icon is even not shown in panel above. reaaly confused
  6. One more thing if it helps to help... i ran iwlist scanning and i got this output which shows network is detected. lo Interface doesn't support scanning. eth0 Interface doesn't support scanning. wlan0 Scan completed : Cell 01 - Address: 00:04:ED:94:D2:20 Channel:1 Frequency:2.412 GHz (Channel 1) Quality=48/70 Signal level=-62 dBm Encryption key:on ESSID:"vikhome" Bit Rates:1 Mb/s; 2 Mb/s; 5.5 Mb/s; 11 Mb/s Bit
  7. thankx for quick reply, i tried to do static ip via manual in network manager but the apply button is disabled. secondly i connected my computer to modem via wire then it got the ip automatically via dhcp. how can i make that button enabled. Plus in my case network manager does not even display available SSID, whereas it appears fine on windows and cell phones.
  8. DHCP is fine. I use adsl modem + router for internet. MY pool nos are ok it is set to 20+ whereas max no of device which connects are 3 including my cell, i can access the wifi using windows in the same computer. So DHCP is working fine. for encryption i used wpa, but i have already tried by disabling the security all together. it still did not work, so after that I enabled WEP 128bit, (it works fine on my mobile and windows) and it still did not work in ubuntu....cant figure out what am i missing....
  9. It is set to DHCP, I checked, here is the screenshots
  10. I ran commands given by you, i came to an impression that my card is detected (after an update) but i am still not able to see any wireless connections. i manually entered all the details but still it does not connected to wifi. dump of all the commands is attached as open office file. plz help and thank you so much.
  11. I just finished installing ubuntu 10.04 with windows in dual boot after lots of reading, but my Wireless card is not detected or working, I cant connect to internet without my wireless card, how do i install one, my wireless card is intel wireless 3945abg. i searched net but no luck...plz help
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    linux-noob is a very cool and good service be linux community thank u guys so much
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