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  1. Hey guys! Nice to meet you all! My real name is Ma'at! I hail from Columbus, Ohio. I'm 16 years young and I'm now a senior in high school! and some of you may be wondering "How does a young blood know about Linux? And let alone use it?" Well let me tell you. I'm a computer nerd. I <3 working with them and fooling around with them. Pretty much my whole life I've grew up On a Windows OS. I've hated Macs w/a passion(and still do). So far my windows knowledge extends up to Xp. I'm pretty sure that I'm a semi-advanced xp user. So let me tell you how I got interested in the Penguin. A couple years back Me and my uncle were talking about operating systems and mentioned to me linux. I was trying to enter the "Pro PC gamer" scene. I don't know any pro linux gamers so, My disposition on linux was generally negative and I was like, "Ugh, Linux? Who plays Battlefield 2 let alone Counter-Strike on linux?" So I strayed away from Linux for a year after that. Another 6 months later, I started dipping my toes into linux. I tried out Distros (I'm not quite sure on this help me out here) like Kde and ubuntu. Still wasn't interested. I'm a visual kinda guy, I have a quirk for judging an os's incredibility by its Gui and I was not very impressed with the gui's for both of those distros(help me again still not sure if this is this is the right word). So another 6 months later we're where we are now. I got a wii for christmas and a started hacking and modding it 4 months ago. This summer I didn't get the well-paying job I wanted so I decide to turn to my side job and rewrite articles. This job I normally use a computer for this and ever since I made a transition from homeschooling to brick and mortar I've had to return the Pc my school supplied me with. That was the fastest pc in the house. I have two other computers in my home and both are frustratingly slow. I get temper tantrums trying to run Ms office on one. 2 weeks ago I heard of wii linux and I remembered that there was a word processor, OpenOffice, for linux. I figured "Hey! If I get linux for my wii, then I can use my hard drive that I mount my wii games from to install OpenOffice on it! No more mooching my grand parents to use their slow comps!" Here's the thing, I knew next to nothing about linux. So a few hours ago I google "linux for noobs" First result led me to linux-noob.com. I read for about an hour about linux basics, building my vocabulary with words like 'kernel' and 'distribution'. Being the passionate learner, I start getting excited about this Idea of what linux really is: A huge tub of legos to build the ultimate toy car I want! And yes, I read the "Linux is not Windows" thread, the lego analogy made me laugh, being a lego fan. Anyways, my first distro will be a Wii-linux GUI based Gentoo distribution called xWhiite. After I install xWhiite I'm gonna install Ubuntu on one of my old computers and experiment with it. I'm really now glad to think of myself as a part of a linux open-source community, kinda like a family! Thanks again for having me here! P.S.: OMG! This took an hour to write using a wiimote! See how badly I need to turn my wii into a comp by installing linux? But first I need to get a usb keyboard. ^-^
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