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  1. hi! More frequently (for my work), i use XP because most Macromedia & Adobe developers don't make their products targeted towards linux-based communities (to my knowledge). In a nutshell, my XP is temporarily "dead". And (more then ever right now) Knoppix is the bestest thing in the whole wide world. Only problem, is that i'm a complete linux N00B and because of my crazy schedule @ school i'm at a loss for copius time (or brianpower) to ingest mountainloads of linux FAQs & "How to" docs (though i am trying whenever i can!). 1.) How well can i trust Knoppix 3.3
  2. any idea what the system requirements of it are? :\ i've tried to see if google would help me out, but no immediate answers seemed to have turned up.. i just had something equivalent to a p100 dropped into my lap today, and i'm wondering if fedora core would even be able to run on it.. if not, then i'm looking for an alternative to test out.. any recommendations? p.s. for the record, i need something atm that will fit of 3
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    so finally somehow an oldsk00l p100 IBM laptop has landed on my 'lap top' and so leik, i'm a total linux n00b, eh? i've toyed with knoppix before (and had fun with it! w00t! ), and tried to get slackware installed on a (not-so-older) pIII system, but to no avail. i think i've tried mandrake 8 once, but somehow my cd's disappeared amidst the moves. hopefully now with the new 'acquirance' i can bring myself up to proper speed with the rest of the linux universe. \m/ nice to meet you all & hope to keep in touch! \m/ -=
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