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  1. So i tried adding the #!/bin/shelly and that seems to correctly bring up the shell i want, however all the commands after this line do not seem to run in the shelly, they are executed after shelly closes. Am i missing some command that keeps the #!/bin/sh open for me to feed it commands that i want? right now my script is basically like this: #!/bin/shelly enable But instead of enable running in the shelly it runs in regular linux shell. thanks for the help
  2. I am trying to remotely call a script file via ssh. the server has a shell that is a custom program, lets call it shelly. There is also a script file on the server that needs to run when in shelly. i can run the following after i ssh into the box, as root. exec /usr/local/bin/shelly < /my_folder/custom_script that works fine. I need to be able to embed this in ssh. I have done so like this. I have shared keys so no password needed, and it works. ssh user@server "exec /usr/local/bin/shelly < /my_folder/custom_script" when i run this ssh command from my remote machine the commands are not executed from the script. So i run ssh in debug mode, and after a successful authentication i get a line that says: Ssh2channelSession/SSHCHSESSION.C : bad data and the connection begins to quit/close. I don't understand what "Bad Data" error means, and i do not have this SSHCHSESSION.C file on my server. Is Bad Data mean there is something wrong with the command? or is it a permissions problem on the server? Any Ideas?
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